Sety zbroje C grade

Ciężkie zbroje

Nazwa Level Bonus
Chain Mail Set Chain Mail Shirt 40 P. Def. against daggers +5.24%

With a Chain Shield, HP +198

Chain Gaiters 40
Chain Hood 40
Chain Shield 40
Composite Set Composite Armor 40 Point at which a weight penalty is applied +5795

With a Composite Shield, M. Def. +5.26%

Composite Helmet 40
Composite Shield 40
Full Plate Set Full Plate Armor 40 HP +270

With a Full Plate Shield, shield defense rate +5.24%

Full Plate Helmet 40
Full Plate Shield 40

Lekkie zbroje

Nazwa Level Bonus
Tempered Mithril Set Mithril Shirt 40 Evasion +4
Tempered Mithril Gaiters 40
Mithril Boots 40
Plated Leather Set Plated Leather 40 STR +4

CON -1

Plated Leather Gaiters 40
Plated Leather Boots 40
Theca Leather Set Theca Leather Armor 40 P. Def. +5.24%
Theca Leather Gaiters 40
Theca Leather Boots 40
Drake Leather Set Drake Leather Armor 40 M. Def. +5.24%
Drake Leather Boots 40

Magiczne zbroje

Nazwa Level Bonus
Karmian Set Karmian Tunic 40 P. Def. +5.24%

Casting Spd. +15%

Karmian Stockings 40
Karmian Gloves 40
Demon Set Demon’s Tunic 40 HP -270

INT +4

WIT -1

Demon’s Stockings 40
Demon’s Gloves 40
Divine Set Divine Tunic 40 P. Def. +5.24%

MP +171

INT -1

WIT +1

Divine Stockings 40
Divine Gloves 40

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